More leafy greens and local beer.

This is a picture of wine and a post about healthy eating. Or eating in general. Real talk: I’ve spent years agonizing over food. Trying to label myself: vegan, vegetarian, whole 30, paleo. I’ve self-imposed strict rules and guidelines only to be frustrated when I “failed”. I’m sick of it. Tonight I poured myself a big glass of Matt Bellassai’s wine and thought about the following things.

• I love cheeseburgers, craft beer, avocados, coffee, and chocolate cake.

• I run stronger and feel better when I’m eating cleaner.

• Life is too short for rules, how about guidelines?

• Let’s make 2017 the year of loving the body I have, celebrating what it can do, and taking more deep breaths.

• More leafy greens and local beer.

xoxo Cheers, pals.

Why I Unsubscribed from 9 Different Health & Fitness Magazines

Shape. Women’s Health. Fitness. Self. Health. Runners World. Women’s Running. Yoga. Cosmopolitan. Glamour. Oprah. Seventeen.


At one point in my life I was a subscriber to all of these magazines. At the same time. Mostly during college when I think I just liked getting mail. I’m also a sucker for a good deal and magazine subscriptions always seem like such a good deal! Most of my favorite magazines were health and fitness related but I was also getting Oprah and Seventeen. I was all over the place. Monthly these magazines would show up and rarely did I find the time to get even a quarter of them.

In graduate school, I couldn’t even get through that many so one by one I started canceling or not renewing subscriptions. I had stacks of magazines from past months to read so it was unnecessary to keep getting more. I would be playing magazine catch up for years. Then it dawned on me, they all say the same things. Weight loss, beauty tips, the new fitness move that is going to get you ripped. Recipes. Detoxes. Quick fixes. It wasn’t healthy for me to be reading all of these month after month even if they were “healthy” magazines. They were all telling me to be something different and I could not stop reading about all of the things that I needed to change.

I now choose to read real blogs. Stories from real women about what works for them. You can find amazing healthy recipes on those blogs too. I am also working on trusting what I already know. Years of reading all of those magazines has filled me up with quite a lot of information – some good, some not-so-good.

Also, I read books! This one, that I am currently reading devouring is an inspirational story about women runners over 50. I am loving it and find it so motivating!

Colin reminds me often that healthy eating and exercise is a lifestyle commitment. Not a diet, not a quick fix like a lot of the magazines out there portray. My mom and I have a habit of taking pictures of the most obscure magazine weight-loss headlines out there and sending them to each other. It makes for a good laugh and helps us both remember not to get sucked in by things the media tells us. Being healthy is simple when you boil it down: eat good, real, food, and move your body.

10 lbs a week? Really?

10 lbs a week? Really?

Fat just falls off, eh?

Fat just falls off, eh?

Today I am only subscribed to one magazine: Runner’s World. I love when it arrives in our mailbox and appreciate the real-ness of the magazine. They highlight all types of runners and it is full of great reminders for me about rest, strength, training, etc. I will still buy an occasional magazine now and again. I love the stories in Oprah’s magazine and the step-by-step yoga poses in Yoga. And obviously, I still buy any magazine that has Taylor on the cover…