Treadmill Workout For Conference Go-ers

When you do not have a lot of time or fancy equipment at your disposal, here is a go-to treadmill workout that I love to use while away at conferences or traveling in general. It can be modified for all fitness levels simply by changing up the inclines and speeds to what works for you.

The greatest part about this workout is that the time flies by while you are doing it! It is simple enough that you can read a magazine or program booklet (check out all of those educational sessions!) and still work up a great sweat! The key is the changing of the speed and intervals – it keeps your body busy working hard and adjusting while you are distracted because just when something gets too hard, you get to mix it up!

This can be a 30 or 40 minute workout (just take out some of the middle lines for a 30 min workout) which still leaves plenty of time for you to shower and get back to the conference! Save the image below to your phone, and then you can easily follow along while you are working out. Check it out, share it with others, and let me know if you try it and what you think!


On Campus in August

Smiling RA’s. No parking to be found. Peppy Orientation Leaders. Families. U-haul trailers. Futons. Mini fridges. Welcome week and orientation festivities. Free swag.  Students. String backpacks. Lanyards. Propped open residence hall doors. Crowded elevators. Returning students being reunited with old friends. Hugs hello. Hugs goodbye. Happy tears. Sad tears. Loft building. Roommate introductions. Lines at the bookstore. Lines at Jimmy Johns. Younger siblings shuffling along behind. Parents nostalgic for their college days. Sunshine. Hot and humid move-in days. Expensive textbook purchases. Free food.

My favorite time of year on a college campus is August. Mid-to-late August to be exact. When new students are moving in and returners are coming back “home”. When staff and student leaders are in training and getting pumped for the new year.

This is what college is all about. Learning. Starting fresh. Meeting new people. Embracing the challenge and adventure of a new year, new possibilities, new memories to be made.

Whether you are finding yourself on a college campus this August or not, what are you doing this month to keep things fresh and exciting? I think that there is a lot to be learned from the energy that this time of year brings. Enthusiasm is contagious, right?  So lets get excited and make this the best year yet! Lets not groan about our August workloads or complain about the heat of the sun beating down. The days are still long because the sun stays out longer and the freshness of a new year is upon us: lets make the most of it!

Taken during my first week at Iowa State, August, 2008.

Taken during my first week at Iowa State (August, 2008)

My Summer Internship in a Postcard

I did my summer internship in a postcard.  That’s how beautiful it was.  My summer internship in between my 2 years of graduate school ended 15 months ago.  I spent the summer of 2013 in Gunnison, Colorado at an ACUHO-I internship working at Western State Colorado University in Conference Services. (Go Mountaineers!)  It was the best summer I have ever had in the most beautiful place on earth.  Warning: There are a lot of pictures in this post, I just couldn’t choose which ones to use!  Along with all of the fun I had by the river, running, spending time with K & R, and hiking I also learned a lot of lessons that I am still learning from, 15 months later. I have been thinking a lot about those lessons in the last week as I have been powering through some life changes and adjustments. Remembering my summer in sunny gunni has helped me to stay positive this week!

Being in a new place is a great way to learn.  I flew out to Colorado without knowing a soul, and only having talked to Kristen (my supervisor) once on the phone.  Being brand new was a great way to learn about: a new town, a new campus, and myself.
the view

Feeling a little bit lonely is good for the soul. There were days when I was lonely.  I had an apartment to myself and not a lot of friends.  I was used to being surrounded by my cohort almost every second of every day but I learned to love the me-time.  It was so refreshing and a reminder still to this day to take time for myself.  Still reminds me of this song by John Mayer.
perfectly lonely

I fell in love with my husband.  Colin and I started dating only a few weeks before I left for Colorado. While we were apart not only did I fall in love with him, but our Skype sessions and phone calls let us open up to each other in a really deep way.  I also met him in Denver twice where we were able to spend time together exploring my (now) favorite city and celebrate a friends wedding!  Being apart wasn’t fun, but it gave us a really strong foundation for the rest of our lives.  The following summer we got married, and although that summer was pretty memorable too, our time exploring Denver is something that will always mean so much!  (We will be back for you, someday, Denver).

Congrats DJ & Mariesha Braley: July 2013

Congrats DJ & Mariesha Braley: July 2013

It impacted my job search.  Spending time in Colorado impacted all of my future job searches from here on out.  Someday, Colin and I will live out there – or at least somewhere that can compete with Colorado mountains, sunshine, and outdoor adventure opportunities.  I left a part of my heart in Colorado at the end of that summer and someday we’ll go back for it.

It was my first time at a small school.  Going from Iowa State University to Western Illinois University did not give me much experience on a smaller campus.  Western State Colorado University gave me that, and so much more!  I was working in conference services but I was also to help with RA training and learn more about residence life.

My super fun conference assistant staff!

My super fun conference assistant staff!

I made 2 lifelong friends (and I helped them to realize they were in love with each other – spoiler alert: they are GETTING MARRIED in LESS THAN A YEAR)!  Kristen and Rob made summer 2013 the best summer ever, totally taking me in and letting me skip around town with them crashing all of their dates.  I went to WSCU expecting an internship and I never expected that leaving those two would be so hard.  (Miss you both, hugs!)

Rob, Kristen & I: Cattleman's Days July 2013

Rob, Kristen & I: Cattleman’s Days July 2013

I took time for myself which was not something that I was used to doing.  I went running often, sometimes even twice in one day.  I enjoyed being outside.  I took the time to read the first few Harry Potter books (loved it, need to finish the series still!).  I even bought a cheap basketball and shot hoops at the park nearby.  My goal for the rest of my life is to never get so busy and caught up with life that I forget about my old hobbies and doing things that I love!
bballWow, what an amazing summer!  I am so thankful to still be learning and practicing some of the lessons I learned at 7,703 feet.