#girlbossseries: Kayla Julius

Name: Kayla Julius

Instagram: @WiscoJulius

14958949_10101082496906171_2070796122_o What does #girlboss mean to you?: A girl-boss is someone who exudes confidence and works her hustle non-strop to provide the best experience possible for her customers.

Tell us about what you do? I have been on the hunt to find ways to help make women feel fearless and confident for a couple of years now. I have been successful on a few fronts already, but have recently upped my game by becoming a Fashion Consultant with LuLaRoe!

How did you get involved? Like most consultants and merchandisers out there, I started as a customer first! By day I am an x-ray tech… wearing scrubs all day long. While I love the comfort that provides me, I don’t get to feel very “pretty” at work in all black. I was introduced to LLR by a friend who told me about these “AAAAAMAZING” butter-soft leggings. I was assured they were both comfortable and cute. I was skeptical. I mean, come-on, a pair of leggings won’t change my life… HA. Well they did. Not only did I find comfort in those leggings, I found a way to show off my individuality with fun prints and patterns, plus I could put together full outfits with LLRs shirts, dresses, and kimonos. I loved LLR so much, I started helping my friend out during her home parties – she brought me along as the muscles to unpack her car – but I quickly became comfortable explaining the brand and styling her customers. It felt amazing to be able to find the perfect pieces for ladies to truly feel confident in. I was sold after helping at 3 in-home parties. The joy and excitement was contagious and I needed more! It was a few weeks later that I submitted my papers to become a consultant and I have never looked back!

One piece of advice: It’s not always a cake walk…. things can get tough… schedules are busy, money can be tight, you can hit roadblocks…. it’s how you use these roadblocks to learn and grow that makes the difference. Do you see that wall and stop, or do you bust through it?

Biggest win in the last year: If you met me in person you would never know it, but I have a HUGE phobia of talking to new people in person. I can easily be a little hermit crab because I get scared going out into the world and meeting new people! Well, after a year of being that hermit (after moving to a new city), I decided to do something about it! I used social media and local community groups, and started a book club! Yea, I know that doesn’t sound like a huge achievement… but for me it was everything. In one years time I got out of the house, conversed with people outside of my job, made new connections, cultivated STRONG friendships, and because of all that, I had the confidence to follow a dream and start a new business adventure with LLR.

Favorite inspirational quote: “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly!!”

Book recommendation: I’m currently reading Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain… I have a hard time putting it down!! The current series I’m working on in the background is Outlander!

Best way for people to reach you: I am very accessible! I love to chat with people via email or Facebook! Feel free to email any questions or just to say hey – lularoekaylajulius@gmail.com – and you can look me up personally as Kayla Julius (Briehl) and connect with me on my business page at LuLaRoe Kayla Julius on Facebook!

 If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?: This is going to sound super dorky and cliche… and I don’t know a specific superhero that has this power… but as a radiology tech I have always wanted to have x-ray vision. See, dorky. Haha. I work with so many people that are in pain and need of relief, not only would it help my technical job, but would have a huge impact on individual’s healthcare.

Thanks for sharing, Kayla! For more girl bosses in the series, check out the posts here.

#girlbossseries: Kate Moore

Name: Kate Moore

Instagram: @katemoorephotographics

What does #girlboss mean to you?: It means taking your passions and sharing them with the world in a way that happens to make you some dolla dolla bills at the same time! It means being assertive, creative, unafraid to be quirky and weird and doing exactly what you believe is possible, no matter what obstacles you find. I am still in the growing process myself, but I am proud of what I have done so far and have more goals ahead of me.

Tell us about what you do?I am a portrait photographer who specializes in engagements, family and senior portraits. I have dabbled a bit in weddings, but I prefer the ability to really get to work with a smaller group of people because I love getting to know them and laughing a lot while we do our sessions.

14257553_10206832823531195_5459413849754909620_oHow did you get involved?I am a teacher as well as a photographer, and I learned to use my career as a means to launch my photography business. I worked for 3 years in a very, very low-income, urban school. 100% of the students there were considered free and reduced lunch eligible. I realized a void. Almost all of the families lacked great family portraits to have as memories in the future majorly due to the financial conflict. Portrait sessions are expensive! I began taking photographs of my students and their families for free or at-cost of printing, which was usually less than $10. I started to build a portfolio, learned how to make people comfortable in front of a camera and improved my own technical skills. This slowly spread the word about what I was doing, so I have become busier and busier.

One piece of advice: The biggest thing you need to do is just start. It doesn’t matter how small. Never beat yourself up for not being big enough or legitimate enough. Anyone who ever began something great had to take one step forward first. That is the hardest and most crucial part. Keep yourself accountable and just begin. Great ideas do no good if they stay hidden in your head.

Biggest win in the last year:I landed the job I had been working for the past 8 years: an art teacher. Due to the decline of the arts in schools and the small amount of jobs available, it has been difficult finding openings. I feel fortunate to be working in a job that allows me more space to be myself and share the creative world with my students. I also was responsible for the entire school’s class photos a few weeks ago – it was a huge learning process, a great way to network my business, and I really put my heart and soul into it because I was taking pictures of MY students. These were kids I knew very well and wanted to capture them as authentically and beautifully as possible.

Favorite inspirational quote: “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ~Maya Angelo

Book recommendation: The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

Best way for people to reach you: KateMoorePhotographics.com or on Facebook

 If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? I suppose I am already the Magnificent Moore. I dubbed myself this name in my first year of teaching, and it turned into a hilarious way to write short stories for my students to edit and engage in. The Magnificent Moore is goofy, confident, super supportive and loving super hero who always makes sure to be there for people who need help. I definitely struggle time to time with hitting that brick wall when trying something new or getting frustrated when I am presented with new challenges. I also am not always as confident in front of others as I am when I am alone. The fictional Magnificent Moore stories help me to remember what I want to be for myself at all times and also model what I want my students to learn from me.

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#girlbossseries: Fit Fearless Happy

Name: Melissa Kolb

Instagram: @fitfearlesshappy


What does #girlboss mean to you?: Being a girlboss means standing up for what you believe in, going after your dreams, and never giving up no matter what life throws at you. Being a girl boss means that you believe you were meant to do amazing things, and that you’re taking the world by storm living through your passions, and helping make the world a better place in the process.

Tell us about what you do? I am the CEO and founder of Fit Fearless Happy. At Fit Fearless Happy, we believe that any woman, from any walk of life, has the potential within her to create the life of her dreams if she’s given the right tools. To help provide girl bosses with the tools needed to succeed, we have created our event, Dare to Be Fearless. The mission of Dare to Be Fearless is to empower millennial women to turn their passion into their career by developing their entrepreneurial skills, discover the importance of living a healthy life, and increase their happiness and well being to ensure they are the best version of themselves they can be. This two-day event is for like-minded, ambitious millennials who have always felt they were meant for something more, and are ready to support and encourage one another while building their dream life and doing something DIFFERENT. It’s a networking event, business development event and personal wellness event all in one!

How did you get involved? I created Fit Fearless Happy in December of 2014. From there, it has grown to where we are today! Through my work, I am able to live my passion helping to inspire millennial women to go after their own dreams. It’s truly what makes me happiest!

One piece of advice: Never, ever let the negative voice in your head take over. You’re always going to hit obstacles, no matter what business or goal you’re diving into. Don’t let negative thinking destroy your potential and success.

Biggest win in the last year: Fit Fearless Happy is officially incorporated, and we are slated to host Dare to Be Fearless in Chicago next August!

Favorite inspirational quote: “The moment you decide to stop accepting mediocrity for your life is the moment your life will begin to transform.” (totally stole and tweeted this) 

Book recommendation: So many! You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, THANK and Grow Rich by Pam Grout, and the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson are my current favorites!

Best way for people to reach you: www.fitfearlesshappy.com

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? I would be my own version of a superhero! One that works to make the world a better place through positive change. The world needs more women who are comfortable killing it by being their own badass, girlboss selves! As women it’s so important that we learn to love ourselves. What better way to do that than by being our own awesome versions of superheroes?! 🙂

Thanks for sharing, Melissa! For more girl bosses in the series, check out the posts here.

#girlbossseries: Be Your Own Superhero

The first #girlboss I’m highlighting in my Girl Boss series is: Emily Schromm. I’ve been girl-crushing on Emily for the last year since my best friend introduced me to her and her challenges. I’ve completed a few, and I love how Emily has built her own fitness business all on her own. (Plus she’s from Colorado – even better).

I’ve participated in multiple challenges of hers before, and she coaches you through everything. You don’t have to have a super-active lifestyle to start. The workouts are manageable for all levels/all time schedules/all ages/all people.


Besides that fact that Emily is totally ripped, she has the knowledge behind what she teaches. I’ve learned a lot about what to put in my body from her and the way she breaks it all down makes it less science-y and more real life-y.

I love a good challenge and hers are some of the best: Superhero Challenge. I love having friends who do it with me, I love when we can hold each other accountable! Feel free to text/message me if you have any questions! Join us here. Only $21. Emily is the real-deal.

Know a #girlboss you think I should know about? Let me know, I’d love to highlight her in this series. amandajeanninestewart@gmail.com 

#girlboss series


I am obsessed with women supporting other women. I love seeing women doing amazing things out there, and even more importantly, lifting one another up. I am starting a series that will be highlighting girl bosses all over the country smashing their goals. Thanks for checking it out.

Know a #girlboss you think I should know about? Let me know, I’d love to highlight her in this series. amandajeanninestewart@gmail.com