A year with #candibymandi

I have a little business (Chloe + Isabel by Mandi) and I like to do random giveaways and things that spread love and good cheer! For 2017, I’m doing a year with #candibymandi. You can check out the details below – if you want to join in (which I hope you do!) all you have to do is use #candibymandi in your posts each month.
How to play:

  1. Complete each challenge each month.
  2. If it requires you to post something, use #candibymandi
  3. Do a happy dance every morning. ūüėČ
  4. Win prizes.

This month (I know there’s only a few days left ūüėČ ) all you have to do is shoutout that you’re participating either on Facebook/Instagram/email, etc… by sharing one of the 2 quote graphics below. If you have friends who want to join, yay! Tag them or tell them to use #candibymandi in their posts and to let me know if they have any questions!

Here is where I’ll be keeping track: http://bit.ly/ayearwithcandibymandi

My Favorite Necklace: Aventine Long Pendant

I have a lot of favorite things. I have a tendency to even say that everything is my favorite thing. But this piece for real, is my true love – the one that I tell everyone they must have.


I talk a lot about this necklace. I ‘gram it even more than I talk about it. I wear it even more than I talk about it and ‘gram it. I love it so much, I’ve decided it even deserves it’s own blog post. What’s the deal? Why do I love it so much? Here’s why:


  1. The detail.
  2. It’s elongating.
  3. Dress it up or down.
  4. Sparkle.


Get it here and send me a selfie once you have it in your pretty hands! xo

Danielle and Liz, twinning!

Danielle and Liz, twinning!


If you want to hear more about my Chloe + Isabel business feel free to contact me or read other posts #ontheblog here.

My Ever-Changing C+I Why

As you probably already know, I have been a C+I merchandiser for just over 2 years now. Crazy how time flies! I have moved from managing my own business, to also leading a team of amazing women. The C+I opportunity has been transformational for me, in many different ways. I first wrote about my C+I why here.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on this experience lately even more deeply as I’ve also been reflecting on my career in general and what I want. I’m sharing this with you today because¬†I¬†am so grateful for your support in all ways, each and every day.

I took the plunge into this community in a very timid way. I was afraid of being one of “those people” and I was afraid of what people would think of me. On the other hand, I was desperate for community after graduate school, and also a way to channel some creativity and energy now that I didn’t have homework and weekly reflections to write. I was actually missing those things. I also was in a professional role and lacking majorly in the accessories department. I was someone who my mom had to remind me to put earrings in every day in high school and I’d still refuse 99% of the time. Now, I feel naked without my studs. I clicked on a C+I Facebook ad and fell in love with everything. I also loved that there was an interview process, and the exclusivity of the community made me feel valued and appreciated.

Chloe + Isabel has given me a group of women that supported me from day one¬†that I now call friends (#blingiton). It’s given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing women that have shopped my boutique and¬†then turned into friends. It’s given me a chance to lead (#themovement) and learn stories from women all over the country. It’s challenged me day in and day out, and it’s taught me a lot about what it means to have your own small business. (Let me know if you’d like to hear more about what it’s like to be a C+I merchandiser, I’m happy to share the nitty gritty deets if you’re thinking about taking the plunge too).

More than anything else though? Chloe + Isabel has taught me to believe in myself. It has shown me how to set goals and smash them. It has taught me about the support of others, getting out of my comfort zone, and dreaming big.

And why do I stick around? For the community. I have really big goals for November (scary!) and I appreciate your support, always! Shop small this holiday season!



Celebrating 2 years with #candibymandi

It doesn’t feel like October since it was 95 and glorious yesterday. It snuck up on me, this C+I anniversary. I can’t believe I’ve been a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser for 2 years already.

Last October, I wrote about how you could support my little business. All of those are still true. You can read about them here. This year, though, I want to write about how this journey has come to mean even more to me through my incredible team.

I took a risk last winter and applied to be an MM (merchandiser manager) within Chloe + Isabel. I felt ready to move up in the company as well as lead my own team. After 8 weeks of amazing training complete with values, mission statements, self-reflection, and community building… The Movement was born in June 2016. We are a group of women founded on the following values: community, support, adventure, and risk-taking. The team I try to foster each day is one in which we cheer each other on and are there for the downs as much as we are the ups. We’re all about selfies, laughing together, being our real authentic selves and showcasing that through our own individual businesses. It’s pretty remarkable.

We have never met and we are a relatively new team but we are a family.

That is what this community has give me since day one, a whole new network of women who just ‘get it’ on a different level than other groups I’m a part of. We all needed this outlet and joined C+I for different reasons but together we are running our own businesses and dreaming big every day.

Cheers to the two most amazing two years and to many more. And to the gals of The Movement, keep on being YOU.


Side Effects of Being a C+I Merchandiser.

A goofy yet entirely heartfelt post on some of the things that have started happening since I joined the Chloe + Isabel community two years ago. Thankful times a million for this company, this experience, and the women I’ve met. #merchieprobs

  1. You realize you do have a fashion sense and your own style.
  2. You friends/customers start asking you for fashion advice about clothes/shoes/hair/makeup (in addition to jewelry).
  3. You make friends with women you’ve never met. Real, amazing, inspiring women.
  4. Packing for a trip really means trying to decide what #chloeandisabel to bring.
  5. Challenging your jewelry roll to fit just one.more.piece.
  6. Wanting to transition your entire wardrobe to solids just so you can show off your bling.
  7. You wear a torsade to the post office and then wonder why no one is complimenting it. (hello I’m wearing the most giant beautiful statement necklace ever Рam I invisible?!)
  8. Hobby Lobby makes you feel a little light-headed and extra giddy with all the adorable bird stuff everywhere.
  9. That little heart-flutter when you see that bell with a (1) on your dashboard.
  10. You find out that TJ Maxx and Marshalls carry great jewelry organization displays and you want to buy them all.
  11. You start to really see what women supporting other women really means.
  12. You begin to see “direct sales” in a whole new way.
  13. You learn that running your own business is fun and a lot of work.
  14. You start to see yourself as a #girlboss.
  15. Wearing statement necklaces bring you a ton of confidence. Watch out world.
  16. You want to switch iPhones just so you can use the C+I iPhone case.
  17. You own the fact that you stalk the mailman.
  18. Launch day is the happiest day on Earth. #newbling
  19. You plan your clothes around your jewelry, not the other way around.
  20. You throw on cute earrings with running clothes because, why not?
  21. You need a seperate budget for stamps and snail mail supplies. #spreadlove
  22. What started as a side hustle turned into a small business you put your heart into.
  23. You are overwhelmed with love and gratitude for everyone who has ever shopped your boutique, “liked” a photo on social media, or told a friend about your business.
  24. Each day you are learning more about your niche within C+I: branding, social media, entrepreneurship, relationships.

Thanks for reading, and a big thank you to everyone who supports mine and other small businesses. xo. www.candibymandi.com

Note: I am not expected to recruit at all for Chloe + Isabel but if you are interested in learning more about the company, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m an open book. candibymandi@gmail.com


My C+I Why

Amanda (17 of 67)When I first started with Chloe + Isabel (happy 1 year candiversary to me!!!) last October, I remember during my interview phone call talking about my C+I “why”. Why did I want this opportunity? Why did I want to be a part of this growing community? What drew me to this experience over all of the other direct sales companies I could have chosen?

I answered the questions, but not as deeply as I could answer them today. This experience has become so much more than I ever expected a year ago it would turn out to be.

Below is my ever-changing list of my C+I “why”…

  • To meet amazing new¬†people
  • To grow and challenge myself in new ways
  • To learn and try new things
  • To make people smile

5 [easy] Ways to Wear Statement Necklaces

When I first joined Chloe + Isabel as a merchandiser a year ago, I stayed far¬†away from big statement necklaces. I was intimidated by their sparkle, size, weight, and yes, price. After earning a few statement pieces as incentives, I slowly started to at least try them on around the house. It took me months to wear one out in public. I don’t like drawing attention to myself and I was sure that a big beautiful necklace would do just that.

Below are 5 easy ways that I have found that I like to wear statement pieces. Pairing them with something simple and casual adds a fun contrast to an outfit.

1. With a graphic tee









2. With a plain tee

plain tplain t3

3. With a chambray shirt


4. With flannel










5. With stripes

IMG_1713 IMG_1710









How do you like to wear statement pieces? My advice: wear it like you mean it. XOXO

Shop here: www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/mandijstewart
Be sure and let me know if you need any recommendations. 

See more statement styles on my Instagram: @candibymandi

Celebrating 1 year with my #candifamily

October brings me to 1 year with Chloe + Isabel. A journey that I started hesitantly and on a whim, right around the time that the institution that I was working for closed its doors on the students, faculty, and staff that had been there for years. (I had only been there for 3 months.) I found many silver linings throughout that experience, one of which was becoming a part of the Chloe + Isabel community.

I first wrote about my experience with Chloe + Isabel a little bit here, making connections to my jewelry business and my career in student affairs. It was the first time I slowed down long enough to reflect on what this experience has meant to me. Yay, reflection!

I continue to become more and more grateful for this community each and every day. The support and friendship that I receive from the individuals that make up the C+I Family makes my heart warm. I never imagined that something so powerful could come from a direct sales experience. I have been blessed with a company that allows me to grow and be creative in my business. I am able to spoil my costumers however I see fit. I do not have monthly goals to meet aside from the ones that I set for myself. I don’t have to recruit a team of people. I am entirely in charge and the decision maker in my business and that feels amazing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in all sorts of lovely ways. You all are the best.





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