A year with #candibymandi

I have a little business (Chloe + Isabel by Mandi) and I like to do random giveaways and things that spread love and good cheer! For 2017, I’m doing a year with #candibymandi. You can check out the details below – if you want to join in (which I hope you do!) all you have to do is use #candibymandi in your posts each month.
How to play:

  1. Complete each challenge each month.
  2. If it requires you to post something, use #candibymandi
  3. Do a happy dance every morning. 😉
  4. Win prizes.

This month (I know there’s only a few days left 😉 ) all you have to do is shoutout that you’re participating either on Facebook/Instagram/email, etc… by sharing one of the 2 quote graphics below. If you have friends who want to join, yay! Tag them or tell them to use #candibymandi in their posts and to let me know if they have any questions!

Here is where I’ll be keeping track: http://bit.ly/ayearwithcandibymandi

More leafy greens and local beer.

This is a picture of wine and a post about healthy eating. Or eating in general. Real talk: I’ve spent years agonizing over food. Trying to label myself: vegan, vegetarian, whole 30, paleo. I’ve self-imposed strict rules and guidelines only to be frustrated when I “failed”. I’m sick of it. Tonight I poured myself a big glass of Matt Bellassai’s wine and thought about the following things.

• I love cheeseburgers, craft beer, avocados, coffee, and chocolate cake.

• I run stronger and feel better when I’m eating cleaner.

• Life is too short for rules, how about guidelines?

• Let’s make 2017 the year of loving the body I have, celebrating what it can do, and taking more deep breaths.

• More leafy greens and local beer.

xoxo Cheers, pals.

DIY Thanksgiving Placeards

I set aside some time this weekend to make some placecards for Thanksgiving – I knew I’ve been saving all those wine corks for a reason! These were quick and easy.

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock (white + fall colors)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Letter stamps + ink pad
  • Wine corks
  • Toothpicks