My latest #StichFix

I blogged about my first-ever Stitch Fix here. I had a lot of fun sharing my pieces and hearing what you all thought! I’ve had a few awesome fixes since then, but I also took a break for awhile. One of the things I love about Stitch Fix is that it is super easy to manage your account and postpone, schedule, cancel fixes.

Also, their customer service is top-notch.

Thought I’d share my fix from this week because it was an all out home run. If you haven’t given it a try, you totally should. You pay a $20 styling fee which is then subtracted off any of the items you want to keep. Don’t want to keep anything? No problem! Just mail it all back. Shipping to and fro is free. Love that!

You have all the customization options you could want. I tell them not to send jewelry, shoes, or purses. I got a cardigan, a pair of pants, a sweater, and a top in my latest fix. All fit. All I love.

Note: My pictures are terrible. I didn’t have the best lighting but hopefully you get the idea. 

Item #1: Slub Knit Open Cardigan
Love the color, the fit, and the style.


Item #2: Raglan Knit Top
SO cute. Love stripes. Nice and long too.


Item #3: Lace Detail Dress
Didn’t need a LBD but I also don’t own one. And they say every girl should right? This one fit like a charm and I feel like I could wear it dressed up or down to any event.


Item #4: Anita Printed Skinny Pant
Okay, you can’t tell in the pictures but these are actually like dark brown striped. Super fun! And classy. AND LONG ENOUGH SO I HAD TO KEEP THEM BECAUSE, FINDING PANTS IS IMPOSSIBLE. They also have all the stretch which I love! I am not sure how #StitchFix can buy me pants but I can’t find any myself when I go shopping at stores. #magic


Item #5: Striped Crew Neck Sweater
Hello fall. (Fall seems to last all winter here. Not complaining about that or this sweater.)


If you sign up, be sure to share pics of your fix with me! xo

My Favorite Necklace: Aventine Long Pendant

I have a lot of favorite things. I have a tendency to even say that everything is my favorite thing. But this piece for real, is my true love – the one that I tell everyone they must have.


I talk a lot about this necklace. I ‘gram it even more than I talk about it. I wear it even more than I talk about it and ‘gram it. I love it so much, I’ve decided it even deserves it’s own blog post. What’s the deal? Why do I love it so much? Here’s why:


  1. The detail.
  2. It’s elongating.
  3. Dress it up or down.
  4. Sparkle.


Get it here and send me a selfie once you have it in your pretty hands! xo

Danielle and Liz, twinning!

Danielle and Liz, twinning!


If you want to hear more about my Chloe + Isabel business feel free to contact me or read other posts #ontheblog here.

Pay for someone else’s coffee in the Starbucks drive-thru. #30Before30


July 16, 2015
I plan on doing this more often.

Grow some of my own vegetables. #30Before30

Summer 2015
This tomatoes plant started out as as seed from the $1 section at Target. It grew inside our pantry all winter and then was upgraded to our sunporch come spring! The tomatoes are delicious! Colin was very helpful in remembering to water it. 




Become puppy parents.  #30Before30

Meet Denver. He came home on 11/26/2016 @ 8 weeks old.


My Ever-Changing C+I Why

As you probably already know, I have been a C+I merchandiser for just over 2 years now. Crazy how time flies! I have moved from managing my own business, to also leading a team of amazing women. The C+I opportunity has been transformational for me, in many different ways. I first wrote about my C+I why here.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on this experience lately even more deeply as I’ve also been reflecting on my career in general and what I want. I’m sharing this with you today because I am so grateful for your support in all ways, each and every day.

I took the plunge into this community in a very timid way. I was afraid of being one of “those people” and I was afraid of what people would think of me. On the other hand, I was desperate for community after graduate school, and also a way to channel some creativity and energy now that I didn’t have homework and weekly reflections to write. I was actually missing those things. I also was in a professional role and lacking majorly in the accessories department. I was someone who my mom had to remind me to put earrings in every day in high school and I’d still refuse 99% of the time. Now, I feel naked without my studs. I clicked on a C+I Facebook ad and fell in love with everything. I also loved that there was an interview process, and the exclusivity of the community made me feel valued and appreciated.

Chloe + Isabel has given me a group of women that supported me from day one that I now call friends (#blingiton). It’s given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing women that have shopped my boutique and then turned into friends. It’s given me a chance to lead (#themovement) and learn stories from women all over the country. It’s challenged me day in and day out, and it’s taught me a lot about what it means to have your own small business. (Let me know if you’d like to hear more about what it’s like to be a C+I merchandiser, I’m happy to share the nitty gritty deets if you’re thinking about taking the plunge too).

More than anything else though? Chloe + Isabel has taught me to believe in myself. It has shown me how to set goals and smash them. It has taught me about the support of others, getting out of my comfort zone, and dreaming big.

And why do I stick around? For the community. I have really big goals for November (scary!) and I appreciate your support, always! Shop small this holiday season!



#girlbossseries: Kayla Julius

Name: Kayla Julius

Instagram: @WiscoJulius

14958949_10101082496906171_2070796122_o What does #girlboss mean to you?: A girl-boss is someone who exudes confidence and works her hustle non-strop to provide the best experience possible for her customers.

Tell us about what you do? I have been on the hunt to find ways to help make women feel fearless and confident for a couple of years now. I have been successful on a few fronts already, but have recently upped my game by becoming a Fashion Consultant with LuLaRoe!

How did you get involved? Like most consultants and merchandisers out there, I started as a customer first! By day I am an x-ray tech… wearing scrubs all day long. While I love the comfort that provides me, I don’t get to feel very “pretty” at work in all black. I was introduced to LLR by a friend who told me about these “AAAAAMAZING” butter-soft leggings. I was assured they were both comfortable and cute. I was skeptical. I mean, come-on, a pair of leggings won’t change my life… HA. Well they did. Not only did I find comfort in those leggings, I found a way to show off my individuality with fun prints and patterns, plus I could put together full outfits with LLRs shirts, dresses, and kimonos. I loved LLR so much, I started helping my friend out during her home parties – she brought me along as the muscles to unpack her car – but I quickly became comfortable explaining the brand and styling her customers. It felt amazing to be able to find the perfect pieces for ladies to truly feel confident in. I was sold after helping at 3 in-home parties. The joy and excitement was contagious and I needed more! It was a few weeks later that I submitted my papers to become a consultant and I have never looked back!

One piece of advice: It’s not always a cake walk…. things can get tough… schedules are busy, money can be tight, you can hit roadblocks…. it’s how you use these roadblocks to learn and grow that makes the difference. Do you see that wall and stop, or do you bust through it?

Biggest win in the last year: If you met me in person you would never know it, but I have a HUGE phobia of talking to new people in person. I can easily be a little hermit crab because I get scared going out into the world and meeting new people! Well, after a year of being that hermit (after moving to a new city), I decided to do something about it! I used social media and local community groups, and started a book club! Yea, I know that doesn’t sound like a huge achievement… but for me it was everything. In one years time I got out of the house, conversed with people outside of my job, made new connections, cultivated STRONG friendships, and because of all that, I had the confidence to follow a dream and start a new business adventure with LLR.

Favorite inspirational quote: “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly!!”

Book recommendation: I’m currently reading Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain… I have a hard time putting it down!! The current series I’m working on in the background is Outlander!

Best way for people to reach you: I am very accessible! I love to chat with people via email or Facebook! Feel free to email any questions or just to say hey – – and you can look me up personally as Kayla Julius (Briehl) and connect with me on my business page at LuLaRoe Kayla Julius on Facebook!

 If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?: This is going to sound super dorky and cliche… and I don’t know a specific superhero that has this power… but as a radiology tech I have always wanted to have x-ray vision. See, dorky. Haha. I work with so many people that are in pain and need of relief, not only would it help my technical job, but would have a huge impact on individual’s healthcare.

Thanks for sharing, Kayla! For more girl bosses in the series, check out the posts here.

I Don’t Understand.

I didn’t plan to “live blog” this election. I never planned to ever blog anything political, ever. But I’m sitting here at the kitchen counter tonight at 8:04PM, with a sick feeling in my stomach and I don’t know how else to process what is happening.

Saying, “I don’t understand” over and over doesn’t seem to be helping. But that’s all I’ve got. I don’t understand.

States are turning red and I don’t understand.

I don’t understand how come this election is even a close one. I don’t understand how come so many logical people who I love and respect are voting/have voted for him. I don’t understand how come someone who is a self-proclaimed rapist; a sexist, racist, arrogant asshole has gotten this far in the first place. I don’t understand what American values are anymore.

Maybe it’s because my close-knit community is full of people who work in student affairs, who value things like social justice, who love all people. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman. Maybe it’s because I have dreams. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting here texting some of my best friends in the whole world and my heart hurts for them too, in many different ways. Maybe it’s because I work in education. Maybe it’s because I want little girls to grow up seeing a woman in The Oval Office. Maybe it’s because I want to see a woman in The Oval Office

As a white person, I also don’t understand how it feels to be a person of color watching this unfold. I don’t understand how it feels to identify as anything other than heterosexual and be watching the states turn red. I don’t understand how it feels to be anything other than me tonight, but I still can’t make sense of any of it.

This is not the kind of history that I want to be watching unfold tonight. I still have hope. I am still with her. But even when Hillary wins, I’m not sure I’ll ever understand what I’ve seen so far tonight.

#girlbossseries: Kate Moore

Name: Kate Moore

Instagram: @katemoorephotographics

What does #girlboss mean to you?: It means taking your passions and sharing them with the world in a way that happens to make you some dolla dolla bills at the same time! It means being assertive, creative, unafraid to be quirky and weird and doing exactly what you believe is possible, no matter what obstacles you find. I am still in the growing process myself, but I am proud of what I have done so far and have more goals ahead of me.

Tell us about what you do?I am a portrait photographer who specializes in engagements, family and senior portraits. I have dabbled a bit in weddings, but I prefer the ability to really get to work with a smaller group of people because I love getting to know them and laughing a lot while we do our sessions.

14257553_10206832823531195_5459413849754909620_oHow did you get involved?I am a teacher as well as a photographer, and I learned to use my career as a means to launch my photography business. I worked for 3 years in a very, very low-income, urban school. 100% of the students there were considered free and reduced lunch eligible. I realized a void. Almost all of the families lacked great family portraits to have as memories in the future majorly due to the financial conflict. Portrait sessions are expensive! I began taking photographs of my students and their families for free or at-cost of printing, which was usually less than $10. I started to build a portfolio, learned how to make people comfortable in front of a camera and improved my own technical skills. This slowly spread the word about what I was doing, so I have become busier and busier.

One piece of advice: The biggest thing you need to do is just start. It doesn’t matter how small. Never beat yourself up for not being big enough or legitimate enough. Anyone who ever began something great had to take one step forward first. That is the hardest and most crucial part. Keep yourself accountable and just begin. Great ideas do no good if they stay hidden in your head.

Biggest win in the last year:I landed the job I had been working for the past 8 years: an art teacher. Due to the decline of the arts in schools and the small amount of jobs available, it has been difficult finding openings. I feel fortunate to be working in a job that allows me more space to be myself and share the creative world with my students. I also was responsible for the entire school’s class photos a few weeks ago – it was a huge learning process, a great way to network my business, and I really put my heart and soul into it because I was taking pictures of MY students. These were kids I knew very well and wanted to capture them as authentically and beautifully as possible.

Favorite inspirational quote: “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ~Maya Angelo

Book recommendation: The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

Best way for people to reach you: or on Facebook

 If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? I suppose I am already the Magnificent Moore. I dubbed myself this name in my first year of teaching, and it turned into a hilarious way to write short stories for my students to edit and engage in. The Magnificent Moore is goofy, confident, super supportive and loving super hero who always makes sure to be there for people who need help. I definitely struggle time to time with hitting that brick wall when trying something new or getting frustrated when I am presented with new challenges. I also am not always as confident in front of others as I am when I am alone. The fictional Magnificent Moore stories help me to remember what I want to be for myself at all times and also model what I want my students to learn from me.

Thanks for sharing, Kate! For more girl bosses in the series, check out the posts here.

7 Minute Pumpkin Power Workout

Fall is here! Grab a pumpkin and give this quick power workout a try!