Summer ’17 #RWRunStreak

Who’s in?! I LOVE THIS STREAK! #rwrunstreak
This will be my 4th summer participating in this streak. Last year, we were on the road so it was tricky. Runner’s World also hosts a winter streak, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. These streaks always come at the best time, when I need that little extra boost to get out the door.


Run at least 1 mile a day from Memorial Day to July 4th ☀️☀️☀️  I made a little calendar so you can cross the days off or write how many miles you run each day in the circles! (I have a PDF version too, let me know if you’d rather have that!) More details on the Runner’s World site here:


The last few years I’ve started a Facebook group but I feel like we’re all in so many Facebook groups so I launched a Slack channel instead to try something new! If you want to participate in our channel, join here: Slack is a messaging app for teams/groups/shared interests etc. It’s kind of like a giant group text without all of the notifications. There are different categories or “channels” where we can talk about different topics. There are multiple channels I created so we can chat about different running related (and non running related) things. We can cheer each other on and shout out our miles and make new running connections! If you’re not into that, totally cool!


Whether you’re walking or running or run-walking, I hope you’ll join us! xo


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