How to Style a #Lularoe Julie – Let’s Count the Ways

It’s no secret that I love Lularoe. I think the clothes are designed for comfort and style, which I love. When I wear Lula to work, I feel like I’m cheating. The dresses, skirts – totally comfy and work appropriate!

Julia is stretchy and form-fitting which is not usually what you’ll find me wearing. I love looser, flowy clothes so this was a bit out of my comfort zone. After trying it on a few different ways though, I realized there are so many ways to take a fitted Julia dress and style it in a way that makes you feel more comfortable. I felt happy and confident rocking all of these stripes.

This Julia is unique, with stripes going 2 different directions and I wasn’t sure I could pull it off with my curves. Here are a few ways to style your Julia – which is your favorite?

My friend Sarah, from Lularoe by Sarah Merrill can hook you up with one of these dresses or a big selection of others, if you’re interested! All bling from my boutique @ xo

Chambray shirt. The 90’s called.
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Long vest. A TJ Maxx find.


Pup not included. Army jacket and vest.
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Basic Tee. Solid Tee from Target.

Just add a Blazer. Fancy it up.

With an Irma. Also, Lularoe. The high-low of the Lularoe Irma is great for this fitted dress.44

With coffee + a Lularoe Lindsay. Perfect pair.
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