Things I’m Loving This Week 1/29-2/4/2017

Starting something new called “Things I’m Loving This Week” because it seems like every week, I find more and more things that I become obsessed with. This is just as much for me to keep track of what I love, as it is for me to share those things with you. Hope you like it.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

  • The Official Social Media Recap Show: FYN Creative 
  • Being super vulnerable and telling people how I really feel. (a.k.a. channeling my inner Brene Brown)
  • Single-serve almond butter packets (saving the day when I forget to pack lunch and find one of these in the bottom of my purse, or in the back of a desk drawer). Thanks, Justin’s. You can find them in the grocery store in the PB isle.
  •  Being able to take our pup for walks now that he is done with all of his shots.
  • These work pants. I’ve had 2 pairs (black and navy) for 6 years and they just got holes/wore out and I ordered more. Yes, they are called tummy-control. #noshame


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