30 Challenges, 30 Days

My wonderful friend John posted a blog post today that really inspired me.  Check it out here. I recommend watching the video as well, it is sure to make you smile and he also has some fantastic things to say.  

I love the start of a new month. I love the potential it brings and I always think of the start of a new month as a time to reevaluate my goals and set some new ones.  I had totally forgotten until I read John’s post, that May was coming up so fast!

Below is my list of 30 things that I am challenging to do for myself in the next 30 days, starting on Thursday, May 1.  With  my College Student Personnel Master’s Program ending in *gasps* 10 short days, I think this is a great time to set some goals and ways that I can live my life a little richer (since I won’t get to write Effective Engagement goals anymore for class).

30 Challenges, 30 days.

1. Run, a least one mile every day. Time for another #RWStreak.

2. Floss everyday. My dad always says that you don’t have to floss all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.

3. Journal once/day.

4. Compliment someone every day.

5. Talk to a stranger every day.

6. 10 pushups, up on my toes each day.

7. Practice rollerblading a few times in May, bravely.

8. No soda for 30 days.

9. Write a novel over the course of the month. It’s not November, but I have always wanted to do this.

10. Dance everyday.

11. Take a picture each day.

12. Remind myself how great I am everyday i.e. Practice self-love.

13. Read an article on Inside Higher Ed each day.

14. Wake up early and greet the day, every day.

15. Be mindful of my own negativity.

16. Create a bucket list.

17. Eat a piece of fruit ever day.

18. Eat a vegetable every day.

19. Always take the stairs, no elevators.

20. Reach out to a long-distance friend every day.

21. Listen to a new song each day.

22. Learn a new word each day.

23. Really answer the question, “How are you?” when I am asked.

24. No meat for 30 days.

25. No fast food for 30 days.

26. Write down my dreams in the morning if I can remember them.

27. Do this pushup challenge.

28. Read a blog post every day.

29. Sing in the shower every day.

30. Learn how to do a cartwheel. Anyone have any tips? 🙂


I’m pretty excited about all of these and would love to hear your thoughts.  If anyone wants to do some of these with me, or create their own list, let me know!  Excited to start the month of May off on the right foot!




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